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We sold more Motion Simulator platforms
than all other vendors combined.

Enjoy the Future of Gaming

The real thrill is full throttle
DOF Reality® motion simulators are cutting-edge works of art, where performance and design achieve perfection.

We have elevated rigidity and sleekness to a whole new level with a compact footprint and steel frame design.
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Best-Selling Affordable Motion Simulators

Fast, accurate, and smooth motion in all dimensions.
Our mission is to provide gaming enthusiasts and businesses with affordable plug and play motion simulator platforms.

We are selling just above cost, so end total costs even with shipping are 2 to 3 times cheaper than any competitors, making it available for everyone.

Key Benefits

Fuel Your Passion, Ignite the Race!
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Experience the g-force acceleration, braking and high turns incredible Motion Simulator racing and flight experience.
We provide a modular structure that is engineered to be upgradeable to more Dimensions of Freedom (Axis).
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Adjustable Motion Simulator mounts allow you to easily customize the platform to your specific needs and preferences.
Plug & Play
Our Motion Sims are tested and tuned with minimal assembly required and are ready to plug and play out of the box.
6 Axis - Degrees of Freedom
We offer 2 DOF (Pitch + Roll), 3 DOF (Pitch + Roll + Yaw), and full 6 DOF motion simulator versions.
VR Supported
For total immersion, our Motion Simulator platforms are VR compatible with Oculus Rift/Gear, HTC Vive and future products.

May the Motion be with you

VR, PC, XBOX, PlayStation
Our simulators work with any platform and peripherals.

Bring Reality to a Different Level

with Full Motion Simulator 2, 3, 6 Axis
Platforms for PC home Racing and Flight games.

Overtaking Limits

GT or F1
You can set our platforms into GT or F1 position reversing the main rail.

Adrenaline is the key

Feel the Motions You've Been Missing
Motion Simulators are now affordable, starting from $999

Zero to Hero

Our HERO models provide the perfect gaming experience, with all your controls moving along with you.

Ultimate and Affordable Gaming Experience

Unlike other platforms on the market, our HERO model moves the entire rig, including the wheel and pedals, along with the seat, adding detailed immersion to your gameplay.
Motion Racing Rig - 3-Axis HERO (H3)

H3 - HERO 3-Axis

$2 820

The ideal realistic motion platform for any simulation, the HERO 3 provides three axes of movement: pitch, roll, and yaw, along with traction loss.


PRO Models

Professional motion simulator platform for Racing driver training, Public Entertainment, VR and Arcade Centers.

Made to Last

Our chassis are made from industrial steel, providing the rig strength to handle most DD wheels over 30NM and hydraulic pedals of over 200 kg.

Additionally, we offer a quick release system with adjustable pedal distance and angle.
Motion Racing Rig - 6-Axis PRO (P6) with SFU drive

P6 - PRO 6-Axis

$8 055

Compact yet state-of-the-art, mastering all six axes of motion for a complete simulation experience.


Seat Mover Model

The most cost-effective way to enter the racing simulation world.

Hold on Tight

Seat Mover M2 – is the simplest and most affordable model for a motion simulator experience.

It is the most cost-effective motion simulator made for customers who already have a PlaySeat EVO or Next Level GT, GT Omega ART or 8020 frame, and want to experiment with motion simulation on a limited budget.

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Whatever we do, we do it well.
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I am extremely happy and impressed with the DOF Reality H3. The material quality and engineering are excellent. The design is very well thought out and very flexible being suitable for a variety of hardware combinations. Make sure that you order all the add ons you need for your set up as the DOF team will ensure that they fit together and that you get all the bolts and bits.

Once received, it took me a couple of days to assemble. The manuals and videos were clear but each segment needs to be studied well before assembly. Calibration was straight forward with the downloaded DOF software.
The final product is worth it. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Majed Alnaqeeb

UPDATE 3/14/2024 (14/3/24)

I recently upgraded from P3 to P6. The P6 is a game changer and is a pure joy to use. Really, after four years using simulators I haven’t found a company that offers such value on investment. I hope everyone who wants to really take simulation to the next level finds the financial resources to make the P6 a reality! You won’t reget it.

Jeffrey Griffin

Customers of DOF Reality should be confident that they will get great customer service. Igor will respond quickly to any concern about your product or order.
I’ve purchased two simulators from DOF Reality: the MP2 and P3. I also recently purchased and converted to the new and improved gear boxes.
The P3 with upgraded gear boxes has exceeded my expectations. The immersion I feel when using MSFS is outstanding.
Given the world situation now – shipping delays, parts shortages – I am extremely satisfied with my interactions with this company. You will be too.

Jeffrey Griffin

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We Run Our Own Production

Since 2014, we have successfully combined engineering innovation with affordable prices, making the joy of real sensations accessible to all.

DOF Reality® has a head office in North America and dedicated manufacturing facilities in Europe.
DOF Reality - We Run Our Own Production
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