Consoles PlayStation 2,4,5 Xbox

Consoles are a closed controlled proprietary platform.
Now only few games, such as Grand Turismo 7 and Sport, PCARs, PCARs2, F1, Forza Motorsport 7, Forza Horizon 5 send motion data from consoles (UDP over network).
You have two options to get motions from the console games.
A ) Use any windows PC or laptop as a proxy https://www.simracingstudio.com/console
B ) We have a MagicBox solution for these games now it is $200. You can check the setup manual here https://dofreality.com/support/
for both ways the motion information is send from console over WiFi or network cable. And you plug motion plutform ot windows or MagicBox.
For having motions in all other games we will have MagicWheel and MagicPEdals available in 2 month.
For supported PC and console games and latest consoles support, pls check list here https://dofreality.com/games/
Before making a purchase please read https://dofreality.com/faq/