Motion Flight Sim - 2-Axis HERO (H2 DOF Reality) Motion Flight Sim - 2-Axis HERO (H2 DOF Reality)

Flight Motion
Simulator Platform

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This full-motion platform provides two axes of movement Pitch & Roll. The HERO 2 model is designed to move not only the seat but also all your controls (steering wheel, joystick, pedals, throttle, etc.) mounted on the motion platform. You can feel acceleration, braking, and G-forces during the turns... read more
2 Axis — Degrees of Freedom (DOF)
Degrees of Freedom (Axis)
2 DOF (Pitch + Roll)
Full Platform Motion
Motions Range
50 cm/s (86°/s)
25 n/m
Options and Accessories

Over 20 options available for ordering.

H2 DOF Reality® ready to play includes:

  • rigid metal rig for normal & F1 pose
  • mounts for seat or sliding rails
  • integrated power drive motors
  • 100-240 control unit with USB
  • SimRacingStudio license
  • quick assembly tools
  • 1 year full warranty

We sell only the plug-and-play motion platform, and customers will need to purchase their own seat, VR, and controllers (such as a wheel, pedals, and yoke). Our platform supports all of them.

We provide all necessary cables and motion software, but not the games. For more information and recommendations, please visit our FAQ page.

Our team is available to consult and help you choose the best components for your system via email or phone.

$1 722

Full Description

Discover the full potential of our product 2-Axis HERO (H2).

If you’re seeking the perfect flight simulator experience, the DOF Reality HERO 2 is for you. It boasts top-tier design, engineering, quality, and performance.

This Motion Simulator Platform is created for customers craving unparalleled immersion and the most lifelike simulation available.

Since 2014, we’ve been recognized as pioneers in crafting affordable motion simulators for gaming enthusiasts. From the moment you step onto the flight tarmac, you’ll experience incredible precision, realism, and immersion.

Our platform combines top-notch functionality with superior ergonomics, ensuring you’ll feel the same rush of adrenaline as in a real plane.

Just like in a real plane , all controllers (yoke, pedals, joystick, and monitor) move along with the seat in our full motion simulators.

This design and engineering allow for the effective simulation of g-forces through muscle pressure points. By opting for the best simulator platform, you future-proof your gaming experiences.

Our highly customizable Sim Racing Studio software provides precise in-game feedback based on the plane’s telemetry information, simulating runway bumps, turbulence, vibrations, collisions, and more. The HERO 2 offers true two degrees of freedom, accurately simulating roll and pitch. This means the HERO 2 faithfully replicates the climb , descent and foces during turns.

The platform delivers ground-breaking realism setting a new benchmark for simulation technology both for home users and professiona It’s unmatched by anything else on the market.

With a focus on delivering the best budget racing simulator, we also offer outstanding manufacturing warranty and 24/7 support for complete peace of mind.

Options for H2 Motion Flight Sim

Please see the full list of options you can add to your main order or purchase separately afterwards.

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H2 Motion Flight Simulator Platform.
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H2 Racing

I received my DOF Reality Motion simulator M2P – PlaySeat seat mover a few weeks weeks back and I must say it works brilliantly and your setup details in your email are excellent, it really improves my experience in Project cars VR.

Dan, Ireland
H3 Racing

My H2 arrived yesterday at noon local time and looked in good shape..
WOW, six days from the Ukraine to my house in the GA USA area.

James, USA

Compatible Games

Experience the Thrill of Flying and Gaming
in Full Motion with H2 DOF Reality®.
Assetto Corsa & Competizione
Assetto Corsa & Competizione
Grand Turismo 7 & Sport
Grand Turismo 7 & Sport
Project CARS 1, 2, 3, PRO
Project CARS 1, 2, 3, PRO
GRID 2019
GRID 2019
Automobilista 1, 2
Automobilista 1, 2
Flashout 3
Flashout 3
rFactor 2
F1 2011-2022
The Crew 1 and 2
Torque Drift
TrackMania 2
TrackMania Turbo
RDS: The Official Drift Videogame


Frequently Asked Questions about
DOF Reality® Products and Services.
  • What is included in the DOF Reality® platform?

    DOF Reality ready-to-play packages include the following:

    • Rigid metal rig designed for normal and F1 poses (except M2 models).
    • Mounts for wheel, pedals, shifter (except M2 models).
    • Mounts for a seat or sliding rails.
    • Integrated power drive motors.
    • 110/220v control unit with USB.
    • SimRacingStudio license.
    • Quick assembly tools.
    • 1-year full warranty.

    Please note, customers are required to purchase their own seat, VR headset, and controllers (wheel, pedals, etc.). Our platform supports all of them.

  • Will it work with PlayStation and Xbox?


    Consoles operate within a closed, controlled, and proprietary platform. Currently, only a select few games, such as Grand Turismo 7, Sport, PCARs, PCARs2, AC, F1, Forza Motorsport 7, and Forza Horizon 4 and 5, send motion data from consoles using UDP over the network (as demonstrated in this video).

    For these games, we offer a MagicBox solution priced at $200. To enable motion in all other games, we are developing MagicWheel and MagicPedals, which will be available in two months.

    For a list of supported PC and console games, including compatibility with the latest consoles, please refer to our games list.

  • What seat should I use with your platform?

    Seat choice is a matter of personal preference. Almost any bottom-mount car or gaming seat works. We don’t sell seats; you can use your preferred seat or find affordable options locally. We recommend a Bucket Racing Seat to prevent falling during G-forces, and a four-six point harness is optional. A lighter seat enhances platform performance. For options, check eBay (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3), Amazon, or JEGS.

    Real certified racing seats can be quite expensive, Ask for seat that is NOT certified for racing – they work the same way and are way cheaper than certified ones. In local classifieds, check for single racing seat. Finally, check the local racing community, they will be happy to help.

    The best will be to use standard bottom mount car seat with sliders/rails (as in real car). It provides you the opportunity for quick adjustments as well.

    Most of the bucket seats require side to bottom mounted brackets adapters and sliders.

    Our seat mounts: 280mm deep (front to back) and 345mm (13″37/64), 375mm (14″49/64) or 405mm (15″15/16) wide.

  • Does it come assembled?

    Platform weight 130 – 220 lbs (60-100kg).

    In order to deliver it to your door and ease of transportation all platforms are shipped in two boxes.
    Our platforms require assembly. It will make your platform more valuable as well as custom-tailored build for your preferences.

    It is a simple process that you will enjoy!

  • How motion cancellation / compensation works with your platforms?

    The DOF motion platform can be used with any VR headset. There are some subtleties to be considered when combining VR with a motion platform. The motion platform will move the player’s head, which will move the VR headset, which will automatically affect the amount of movement you see in the VR image. Most of the time, the degree of motion is not enough to impact gameplay and can be ignored like in this example video https://youtu.be/oi8yvWzZXVw. If the additional motion of the VR image is too extreme, you might need to turn down the motion of the platform to a lower setting. This will minimize the “hopping/swimming” type of effects in the image and will give you a smoother experience with VR.

    Software Solution for Motion Compensation

    If the amount of movement in the VR image is too much and you do not want to turn down the motion, you can utilize motion compensation software which removes the platform movement from the VR image. OpenVR Motion Compensation is the current software to be utilized for motion compensation which can be downloaded here: https://ovrmc.dschadu.de/. OpenVR Motion Compensation will track the movement of a tracker mounted on the platform and remove the motion of the platform from the movement of the VR headset. OpenVR Motion Compensation can work with both types of VR headsets (base stations and inside-out tracking).

    There are primarily two types of VR headsets and they require the tracker to be mounted differently. Ones that utilize base stations (outside-in) for tracking of the VR headset movements such as the Valve Index, HTC Vive Cosmos, Pimax 5k/8k* and the original Oculus Rift (CV1). The other type utilizes cameras in the headsets that provide inside-out tracking which include the HP Reverb/G2, Oculus Quest/Quest 2/Rift S**, Samsung HMD Odyssey+ and other Windows Mix Reality (WMR) type headsets.

    For VR headsets that utilize base stations, a tracker or controller (Valve Index Controller, HTC Vive Controller, HTC Vive Tracker) must be mounted on the motion platform and be in-line of sight by all the base stations. It does not matter where the tracker is mounted as long as its visible to all the base stations, though typically they are mounted near the head at the top of the chair.

    For VR headsets that utilize inside-out tracking via the cameras on the headset, a controller (Oculus Touch Controller or WMR Controller) must be mounted on the front of the motion platform so it is in-line of sight of the cameras on the headset.

    In either case, the tracker must be 1) firmly mounted to the platform and 2) must utilize some type of vibration mitigation. Vibration mitigation can be achieved by 1) adding additional mass/weight to the mount so it absorbs vibration energy and 2) using a vibration absorption material like soft rubber or Sorbothane.

    Another potential software solution is the older version of motion cancellation called OpenVR Input Emulator. Though it is no longer being developed, there is still limited support from the community via its download page here: https://github.com/matzman666/OpenVR-InputEmulator/releases.

    * For Pimax users, the PiTool can potentially be utilized for VR Motion Compensation: https://www.pimax.com/pages/pitool. In PiTool, turn on a Valve Index controller, select it as the sensor in PiTool “Motion Cancellation’ and open the game. However, support is not guaranteed and may not work properly.

    ** The Oculus driver for SteamVR is made by Valve and not by Oculus as they only support their own closed eco-system. This causes issues with 1) big motions on Oculus devices might see a black border on the edge of your view and 2) rotation is not always compensated correctly.

    Hardware/Non-Software Based Solutions for Motion Compensation

    1. For VR headsets with inside-out tracking, consider covering one of the cameras with tape. It will prevent the headset movements from being tracked in the environment and provide some VR motion compensation without significant side effects and the need to use motion compensation software: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksy7AxjbcD0
    2. For the Oculus Rift, attach the sensor the platform using the DOF Oculus mount and cover the cameras on the VR headset. This disables the 3D tracking, which prevents the camera from jumping around in the game. However, this method also disables the rotation tracking, so if the motion platform turns on its yaw axis, you will have to turn your head to look forward in game. It’s suggested to limit the Yaw movement in your motion platform software in order to make the rotation just enough for you to feel but you will not have to turn your head to look forward in the game. This of course is not ideal, but doesn’t require motion compensation software.
    3. For original Oculus Rift (CV1) users, the Oculus Rift sensor could be mounted directly to your DOF Reality platform to provide simulated motion compensation without the need to use motion compensation software; however, due to recent Oculus update this solution may or may not work. DOF Reality includes a mount for the Oculus Rift sensor in your DOF hardware shipment which should be placed at the front of the platform looking back at the VR headset. Mount the bracket to the two holes at the back of the wheel deck plate so it extends up and out to the front of the platform.

    Additional VR Motion Compensation Resources

  • What will I get if I order?

    We are selling the complete platform. Each individual system is assembled, tested, and tuned. They’re disassembled before shipping, so all you need to do is put it together, install provided motion software on your PC, and connect our controller via USB! All parts and tools needed for quick assembly of the platform are included.

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H2 Motion Flight Simulator Platform

H2 Motion Flight Sim Characteristics

Degrees of Freedom (Axis)
2 DOF (Pitch + Roll)
Full Platform Motion
Motions Range
50 cm/s (86°/s)
25 n/m
0.7G T / 0.5G L
Power Consumption
1000 Watt (peak)
Boxes Weight (Size)
1) 20.5kg (90 x 33 x 20cm)
2) 20kg (60 x 40 x 40cm)
Floor Foot Print
2×5, 2 ft H (59×150, 60 cm H)
Material Type
Commercial grade metal profiles
Supported Pilot Weight
330 lbs / 150 kg
Full 1 year
H3, H6

2 Axis — Degrees of Freedom (DOF)

Rollover/Tap to Watch the Animation.
(tilting forward
and backward)
(tilting side to side)
Wikipedia: Six Degrees of Freedom

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