I liked your customer service. The product of good quality. I have done some alternations to it so i Can accommodate both sport car seating position and F1 position….
Wish tou good luck

Jakub, Ireland

I bought a 3DOF 2 month ago. Buying, money transfer and delivery went well. Took about a month overall with building, delivery and picking up with customs (they haven’t found the provided clearance papers…, but totally customs fault.
Two packages, about 30 and 18 kilo respectively. Quality is good, looks (and feels) sturdy enough. bolts and screws are provided in labeled packages. I had some small parts were paint coating was breaking off, but those are in (later) min visible parts.
Buildup was done in about 3 hours. All tools were provided (in better quality than Ikea, thumbs up), keeping another wrench nearby is recommended though. Looking at photos on the page and videos helped a lot though. You shouldn’t expect Lego level instructions.
Software installation was a pretty ok. install some three programms, although some steps were unclear in the software. Solved them after emailing about clarifying some instructions. Skimming the forums helped as well. I am using it (solely atm) with PCars2. Fine tuning took a long time though and is an ongoing process.
Using the thing is awesome. In connection with VR its the closest I came to regulary drive a 911 GT3 RS on a track. Sensation for breaking/accelerating are really good and differ a lot for different cars. Flooring the paddle in a GT86 is ok, in aformentioned 911 stunning and outright frightening in an F1 car. I dont feel any lag between driving and seat reaction.
Same goes for sideway movement, could use some more “power” there, but I guess nothing will simulate 4g in an F1 high speed corner… Feeling is good nevertheless.
Yaw movement is brilliant, both in controlled (drift) and uncontrolled (spin) conditions.
“Downsides” are: I don’t go as reckless or as far over to the limit as without the seat. Impacting a wall does not feel good. And now I know, why Nordschleifes Compression is called exactly that.
After all: would buy again and thanks to the guys of dofreality.

Hannes, Germany