The Sparco R333 offers a stylish foldable and modern look to match today’s street cars. Featuring bolsters and padding designed for greater support and comfort, the R333 has 2 easy to use adjustment levers located on both sides of the seat. There are openings for a fifth or six point seatbelt. The seat comes with sliders and all hardware needed.

The Sprint is FIA approved real racing competition bucket seat, perfect for motion sims. It carefully balances safety, styling and value. The Sprint features a strong tubular frame with a suspension bottom cushion which gives support and comfort in the driving position. The shoulder bolsters are designed to fit into smaller cockpits. The Sprint is a unique FIA seat as it can be bottom mounted in addition to the traditional side mounting. There are openings for a fifth or six point seatbelt. Size: Medium – up to a 34” waist. The seat comes with side brackets, sliders and all hardware needed.

Are you tired of worrying about unexpected repair costs? Do you want to ensure your investment is protected for the long run? Our Extended Product Warranty is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Here’s why you should consider our extended warranty:

Extended Coverage: We offer you an extension of the warranty coverage beyond the standard warranty. You won’t have to fret about your product’s safety once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Protection from the Unexpected: Life is unpredictable, and so are product malfunctions. With our extended warranty, you’re shielded from unexpected repair or replacement expenses. No more nasty surprises!

Convenience: Forget the hassle of searching for a reliable repair service. Our extended warranty provids you with a quick and convenient solution to any issues that may arise.

Peace of Mind: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is safeguarded. No need to worry about unexpected expenses.

Resale Value: Want to sell your product down the line? An active extended warranty can boost your product’s resale value, as the new owner benefits from the remaining coverage.

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Leading the Motion Simulator industry we are the first to design and implement new innovative ballscrew gearboxes – SFU.
They reduce motor loads and eliminate play in the gearbox providing extremely smooth motions.
It improves the platform in many ways and even increases the motion range by 25-50%. Also with SFU we will be able to offer motion monitor mounts.
It will make your platform a completely different beast and worth every penny.

Enclosure for protection of lower moving parts of your platform. Metal CyberCover is built with an outer shell designed for ultimate durability and passenger protection. It offers an innovative approach to materials and shapes. No dust, no risk. Cover your sim with a practical and futuristic design.
• Protect pets and children
• Hides the technical guts of your platform
• Provides a seamless, sleek design
• Protects the mechanics from dust and spills
• Structurally designed to be lightweight and durable
• Precision laser-cut, powder-coated steel

This cover fits H2, H3, P2 and P3 platforms.

We offer an adjustable keyboard holder that can be comfortably attached to motion parts of the rig and hold the keyboard. The most popular sim keyboard is  Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard with Touch Pad .

If you want to use two sets of pedals interchangebly , like flight and racing pedals, our quick release addon will be very handy. It helps not only to swap pedals quckly, but also provide additional adjustments for a single pedals set, if you need to do a quck adjustments and slide them a bit back or forward.

If you have HoneyComb Alpha Bravo yoke and throttle this adapter will make them fit to our standard wheel plate .

Now we offer VESA standard mount for one monitor up to 33lbs (15kg). Make sure you have the SFU gearboxes and the latest(wide) wheel support vertical bars before ordering it.

With this MagicBox, you don’t need a proxy Windows PC anymore. MagicBox host SimRacingStudio and get motion information directly from the console.  Now you can get motions from the console games and control SRS with your phone or tablet. You need it only if you plan to play only console games and only without a PC. Just plug DOF Reality motion platform to the MagicBox and enjoy console sims.

For more details check MagicBox setup guide

Flight controls mounts kit for HOTAS. It includes throttle and flight joystick mounts. Joystick can be mounted in the center or on the side. This kit fits all our platform except M series.

E Break emergency button can be placed on the platform within a close reach to stop any platform motions immediately. It is compatible with any platform model.

To protect you and your customers we also provide flexible moving parts protection cover. This cover fits H2,H3,P2 and P3 platforms.

This option helps 6 DOF systems to lift even more weight. It provides three heavy-duty Lift Supports and a mounting kit. It is needed only for pilots over 300 lbs/ 136 kg or other significant loads.

This option is an portability addition. It provides two heavy duty front side wheels to the platform. One person can lift the the whole assembled platform from the back and the front wheels will touch the floor allowing quick movement, and for loading and unloading the whole platform. It great for frequent relocations in the house or during events. This kit fits H2, H3, H6, P2, P3 and P6 platforms.

This is set of cables from the control box to the motors. Standard cables are 1.2m (4′) long and enough for any common installation. for 2-3 DOF platforms the best place for the control box is under the pedals plate. For 6 DOFs under the seat. This will minimize cables management. The Cables extension set is needed only for the customers who, for some reason, wish to place the control box further away from the platform.

It’s the latest generation shake kit from SRS.

A vibrating “cushion” seat that is fully wired up and ready to plug-and-race/fly.

Inside, it has 6 transducers/bass shakers (FR, FL, RR, RL, CE and SUB) installed in the perfect positions to make you feel vibrations like you are in a real race car / flying vehicle.

The main advantage of 6 channels is that SRS automatically redirects Engine effects to the Center and Sub. Hence, effects such as suspension, traction loss, road bump, ABS and others are much better felt (pure) in the 4 corner channels (FR, FL, RR and RL).

It comes with an exclusive SRS control board that integrates a 6 channel sound card, a 6 channel amplifier (120watts/4ohms per channel) and a pre-amp 3.5mm output to add extra amplifiers and shakers like a Buttkicker 2 or similar.

Our SRS App controls each of the 6 built-in shakers independently. You feel the right effect, with the right intensity, at the right place…Like having individual sensors for each vehicle suspension.

You will feel each curb, road imperfection, turbulence, engine vibration, transmission/gear changes, impact, acceleration, deceleration, g forces, traction loss and more…

SRS U-Shake6 fits any racing / flying / gaming seat due to its size and flexibility.

It’s ultra-quiet and will not disturb people in your house or your neighbours.

There is nothing to assemble. Simply place the cushion on top of your seat and connect the ShakeBox to your PC via supplied USB cable.

Dimensions (Seat): 16″ x 35″ (40 cm x 88 cm).

This product includes a license for the SRS App.

Mount for the Buttkicker

The SRS Hurricane Power Wind takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

No Assembly required. Tubing and Air Straighteners are pre-assembled on fan unit.

It includes the following SRS accessories:

– GoPro 360 for the tube tip

– Plastic base with Aluminum profile with 360 swivel for the fan base


The SRS Power Wind gives you the sensation of driving a real car. You can feel how quick you are going so you can better plan your braking and turning points.

No need to manually configure any settings on your PC. It auto recognizes the car/track max speed and changes the fan rpm accordingly (@ every 1 MPH or KPH, not in intervals).

It comes with all hardware and software ready to plug and play.

The Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X is a single pilot, 8 axes HID USB Helicopter Control Device that provide advanced immersion in a realistic helicopter cockpit and reproduce very realistic controls inputs compared to real operations. Its affordability, size, design and precision perfectly meet requirements for any pilot wanting to expend his skills using simulator software.


The HID Plug&Play USB connection is designed for easy setup, and compatibility to all established flight simulation software; the high resolution on each axes permits very sensitive control inputs, as in real machines.

The Aluminum and steel frame provides high stability and low weight, easy to transport and store. All controls are wheel-bearing based, and have adjustable friction, relieving pressure and stress from the pilot to ensure maximum controllability, and positive stability for training requiring simulated trim functionality.


After flying the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X for a few minutes, along with a well configured flight simulator, you’ll almost forget you’re not in a real helicopter.


Based on the well established 4th generation PUMA with lots of new features:

Summarized new features:

  • PUMA X2 variant available as an option – twin engine/dual twist grip
  • TBM Toe Brake Modification Kit available as an option
  • Frame design ready for optional damper modification on Pedals and Collective axis
  • Sturdy steel and aluminum frame with industrial grade wrinkle texture powder coating for durable protection
  • all new “limitless choice of angle” system – all controls can be adjusted to ergonomically match your needs – foldable cyclic for easy storage
  • All new electronics with high resolution and high accuracy hall sensors, developed inhouse – Maintenance friendly and customer accessible sensors for easy repair – 10years++ usage.
  • All new Collective Box including 2x 4way hats, 2 toggle switches, 2 push-buttons, 3 zone toggle. Inclined collective box and cyclic grip for ergonomically high-fidelity position / 8-way functions on collective hats available as an option in the future. Hats and switches shape are coded for perfect VR Integration
  • Never leave the controls during VR sessions with 3 zones boosting over 30 assignable functions
  • Plug & Play driverless USB on Windows, Apple, and Linux.
  • Fully compatible with all Microsoft Flight Simulator versions, all X-Plane versions, DCS, Aerofly FS2, Arma, VBS, Prepare3D, Flight Gear, Take on Helicopters, etc…

Dampers set to make motions even more smoother . Each damper is adjustable for your preferred level of smoothness. This kit fits all platform except 6 DOF and M series. This kit is NOT needed for platfroms with the new SFU gearboxes. SFU provide way better results. We advise to upgrade to SFU gearboxes.