Dampers set to make motions even more smoother . Each damper is adjustable for your preferred level of smoothness. This kit fits all platform except 6 DOF and M series.

Extra wheel support bracket will secure the wheel plate to hold firm even strongest Direct Drive wheels on your platform.

Flight controls mounts kit for HOTAS. It includes throttle and flight joystick mounts. Joystick can be mounted in the center or on the side. This kit fits all our platform except M series.

E Break emergency button can be placed on the platform within a close reach to stop any platform motions immediately. It is compatible with any platform model.

To protect you and your customers we also provide flexible moving parts protection cover. This cover fits H2,H3,P2 and P3 platforms.

This option is an portability addition. It provides two heavy duty front side wheels to the platform. One person can lift the the whole assembled platform from the back and the front wheels will touch the floor allowing quick movement, and for loading and unloading the whole platform. It great for frequent relocations in the house or during events. This kit fits H3 and P3 platforms.

This is set of cables from the control box to the motors. Standard cables are 1.2m (4″) long and enough for any common installation. for 2-3 DOF platforms the best place for the control box is under the pedals plate. For 6 DOFs under the seat. This will minimize cables management. The Cables extension set  is needed only for the customers who, for some reason, wish to place the control box feather away from the platform.

The SRS ShakeKit adds immersion to your game by providing your body tactile movement feedback.

It makes you feel each curb, road imperfection, engine vibration, transmission/gear changes, impact, acceleration, deceleration and more

It comes with all hardware and software just to plug and play. It can be easily added to your existing rig by adding the SRS seating pad over your existing racing chair.
Why it is better than Buttkicker?
It’s like comparing a mono amplifier to a 5.1 home theater. Our Shakekit has 4 built-in shakers independently. You feel the right effect, with the right intensity, at the right place…Like having individual sensors for each car suspension. You will feel each curb, road imperfection, engine vibration, transmission/gear changes, impact, acceleration, deceleration and more…
Our software is a lot more precise as it uses your own vehicle telemetry inputs and generate specific low frequency sound waves. With the buttkicker, you get only the sound from the game, so is only good for engine rumble, most other effects are muddy and only go to one spot.

Mount for the Buttkicker

The SRS Double-the-fan TUBE EDITION is a wind simulator kit to enhance your gaming experience. It generated wind at various speed based on KPH/MPH.

You can feel how quick your car is going so you can better plan your braking and turning points.

Just put the SRS fan or blower on the floor or a table and connect the included tube with the gopro adapter to your DOF platform. You can use either the builtin sticky pad 360 degree swivel mount or any other gopro mount

It comes with all hardware and software ready to plug and play.

The Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X is a single pilot, 8 axes HID USB Helicopter Control Device that provide advanced immersion in a realistic helicopter cockpit and reproduce very realistic controls inputs compared to real operations. Its affordability, size, design and precision perfectly meet requirements for any pilot wanting to expend his skills using simulator software.


The HID Plug&Play USB connection is designed for easy setup, and compatibility to all established flight simulation software; the high resolution on each axes permits very sensitive control inputs, as in real machines.

The Aluminum and steel frame provides high stability and low weight, easy to transport and store. All controls are wheel-bearing based, and have adjustable friction, relieving pressure and stress from the pilot to ensure maximum controllability, and positive stability for training requiring simulated trim functionality.


After flying the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X for a few minutes, along with a well configured flight simulator, you’ll almost forget you’re not in a real helicopter.


Based on the well established 4th generation PUMA with lots of new features:

Summarized new features:

  • PUMA X2 variant available as an option – twin engine/dual twist grip
  • TBM Toe Brake Modification Kit available as an option
  • Frame design ready for optional damper modification on Pedals and Collective axis
  • Sturdy steel and aluminum frame with industrial grade wrinkle texture powder coating for durable protection
  • all new “limitless choice of angle” system – all controls can be adjusted to ergonomically match your needs – foldable cyclic for easy storage
  • All new electronics with high resolution and high accuracy hall sensors, developed inhouse – Maintenance friendly and customer accessible sensors for easy repair – 10years++ usage.
  • All new Collective Box including 2x 4way hats, 2 toggle switches, 2 push-buttons, 3 zone toggle. Inclined collective box and cyclic grip for ergonomically high-fidelity position / 8-way functions on collective hats available as an option in the future. Hats and switches shape are coded for perfect VR Integration
  • Never leave the controls during VR sessions with 3 zones boosting over 30 assignable functions
  • Plug & Play driverless USB on Windows, Apple, and Linux.
  • Fully compatible with all Microsoft Flight Simulator versions, all X-Plane versions, DCS, Aerofly FS2, Arma, VBS, Prepare3D, Flight Gear, Take on Helicopters, etc…