What is Seat Mover M2 and how it is different from other models?

Seat Mover M2 – is the simplest and most affordable model for a motion simulator experience.

It is the most great cost effective motion simulator made for customers that already have a PlaySeat or GT Omega ART frame, and, want to introduce motion simulation on a limited budget. Our Seat Mover is the same or in most cases better and cheaper than other products on the market.
Unlike our other platforms we sell it moves only the seat. Wheel and pedals plates are not moving. So it is not as immersive and convenient in the game as H2-3 or P2-3 models. It can do only 2 DOF (Pitch and Roll).

If you don’t have  any of the mentioned frames above yet, you would be better off purchasing the H2 model as:

1) If you purchase a new frame plus our seat mover m2 you will spend almost the same amount as for H2 model.
2)  Seat mover – moves only seat , not wheel and pedals plates, this is not as realistic as with our other models
3) H2 and P2 move the entire platform, wheel and pedals plates together with the seat. This adds detailed immersion.
4) H2 or P2 you can always upgrade later to H3 or P3 (3DOF) with our yaw/traction loss add-on. *M2 not upgradeable

Here is how the seat mover M2 looks:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6SHGWNBER8 and installed https://youtu.be/YQcIj958iIQ

It is very compact (H 7.5″ x L 12.5″ x W 16.5″) H 19cm x L 32cm x W 42cm.

It is easy to assemble, and easy to add to existing Sim chassis mentioned above. Plug and play software makes motion simulation quick and fun.

What’s the difference between the H3 (consumer) and P3 (commercial) versions?

Our Commercial P series platforms (P2/P3) have a bit more force and speed. You barely will notice it while racing. The main difference is more of a longevity for extended continuous use.
For home use the commercial platform (P2/P3) is unnecessary. This is our Industrial version of our latest DOF Reality H2/H3 platform and is generally for Commercial use only, although we do recommend it for pilots with weight close to or above 300 pounds (120kg) and/or longer than 2-3 hour continuous daily sessions. The P2/P3 is based on industrial motors that can work multiple hours each day. The only difference between the H2/H3 and P2/P3 is in the motors, gear boxes and power supply. The remainder of characteristics and parts are exactly the same .

What’s included in DOF Reality platform?

DOF Reality ready to play includes:
— solid metal rig for normal & F1 pose (except M2 models);
— mounts for wheel, pedals, shifter & VR (except M2 models);

— mounts for seat or sliding rails ;
— integrated power drive motors;
— 110/220v control unit with USB;
— SimTools Pro license;
— quick assembly tools;
— 1 year full warranty.
We sell only the p’n’p motion platform,
Customers need to purchase own seat, VR, controllers (wheel, pedal etc).
Our platform supports any of them.

What is the difference between 2 DOF and 3 DOF ? What is Pitch, Roll, Yaw?


What is the maximum pilot weight our platforms support?

Commercial P models support up to 330 pounds (150kg) of pilot weight plus average  seat and controllers.
Consumer H models support up to 300 pounds (136kg) of pilot weight plus average  seat and controllers.
We recommend it to the pilots with weight close or above 300 pounds (120kg) to go for Commercial P2,P3… models

Can I put my full rig on your moving platform ?

Unfortunately the only option will be to move just the seat itself to our rig. as it is properly balanced for COG and other frames being heavy is made for static mount.
all controls such as wheel , pedals and shifters have to be mounted to our frame. We can’t overload it with unbalanced weight.

Static frames are good for static setup, but when it will be under rapid movements and G forces it will dot work stay stable.
Our frame is specially designed and gone through extensive testing and many iterations till it reached current configuration that ensure rigidity over all movements spectrum and under heavy loads of pilot and even direct drive wheels.
With all that benefits our frame doesn’t contribute a lot to the total platform cost. So most of the price comes from motors and electronics. We don’t overprice our product as most competitors, having it 2-3 times more expensive. Our mission is to make plug and play motion simulator platform affordable for many gaming enthusiasts.
You can put your controllers and seat on our platform and enjoy unique sensations that even more reach that expensive simulation solutions.

What are seat mounts and H/P models dimesions?

Overall with wheel and pedals stands – 120х90cm
Base is 85х80х8 cm
Pedal plate is 34cmх32cm
Height to the seat base 40 cm
Height to the wheel mount plate 80 cm (adjustable 65-85cm)
Seat mounts are 280мм deep(front to back)
and (345,375,405)mm wide

What are the dimensions of the M2F custom size bottom/floor mount seat mover?

Upper mounts are 345 mm wide(left to right) x 280 deep (front to back)
bottom is 395mm wide x 280 deep
All measurements are between centers of mounting holes
it is 185mm tall
If it doesn’t fit you can use metal bracket/slider or metal late or plywood panned at the floor to mount our mover to it and it to the rest of the frame.

what are V2 and V3 models of your product?

We renamed V2 to H2 and V3 to H3.

It was a lot of confusion with an old model names .

What SimTools version you provide with your platforms ?

If lower than actual version, is it possible to update?

You will have PRO license that will work with any current and future versions of SimTools

Are your products compatible with consoles?

Consoles are a closed controlled proprietary platforms.

Now only few game (such as Assetto Corsa, PCARs, PCARs2, F1, Forza Motorsport 7 ) send motion data from consoles (UDP over network).
In order for any Motion Platform to work, console game needs to send motion data to it (external application). If game is not sending movement data we don’t know how to move platform.
If game can send motion data, PC with SimTools software is used as a proxy.
Process is simple. You install SimTools software that we provide at PC and proper plugin for your game.
Connect our control box with USB cable to PC. PC should be in the same network as Console to get telemetry data from the game. That will be it.
Other games works on PC only.
For supported PC and console games and latest consoles support pls check list here https://www.xsimulator.net/community/marketplace/categories/game-plugins.2/

Customer References?

We are selling our products since 2015, we have many: https://dofreality.com/reviews/

What I will get if I order?

We are selling the complete platform. Each individual system is assembled, tested and tuned and than disassembles before shipping. You just need to put it together, install SimTools (we provide) on PC and plug our controller to USB. So all needed parts and tools to do quick assembly included.

Do you have a Demo system that I can see and try before purchase?

Unfortunately we don’t have it at the moment and this niche business can’t afford to arrange them around the world. Even established companies with platforms 4-10 times more expensive aren’t able to setting up demos. We don’t foresee it coming soon as our mission is to make the most affordable platform. Many customers trust us and we never had an upset customer with our products.

How to balance your motion simulator platform?

To check the balance disconnect both front motors arms. get one or two strong friends to help you.
Ask them to hold your seat from the back left and right while you getting in.
When you in and sit with your usual pilot posture. platform should be almost perfectly balanced (not diving to the front and not to the left) so it is easy to hold it for your friends and it is leveled with minimal effort. So the goal is for you to move seat and other parts to the COG balance point described above.
The better you balance it the butter and longer it will perform.
You might find some advises online to balance it with counterweight. This is strongly not advisable as making better balance you add unnecessary wight for the motors to lift and momentum to fight with while changing directions. The best counter balance is you own weight.

When you done you can put motor arms back and check the performance.

Can I put additional equipment on your platform?

Yes, but you need to it properly.

Our platform is very lightweight and simple die to its perfect weight balance. This allows us to use affordable motors and gearboxes. If you want to put something besides standard wheel, pedals, yoke, gear shifter, throttle and HOTAS you need to plan and implement it properly. Each additional even light element on the moving platform should be well positioned and counterbalanced (same weight X same arm length). You can’t put even light TV screen/PC monitor on our simulator. It is always better to consult us first, before installing any extra equipment on the platform.

Don’t put ANY controllers on the platform before it is completely tested and proven to be working as desired. After assembly attach the seat only. Nothing extra. When you ensure proper behavior start adding controllers one by one, doing movement tests with person seating at the pilot seat after implementing each new add on to platform weight.

Where I put some Buttkicker or shakers on your platform?

The best place is under the seat attaching it to our seat mounting brackets or hard parts of the seat itself. The close to the body – the better.Not sure that you will benefit from 4 of them, you need to experiment a bit.

SimTools have GameVibe feature to enable proper signal output from the games for buttkickers. I’s equivalent of SimVibe and you get it for free with our platform.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Willing to accept cash, Bank transfer, money transfer, SWIFT and PayPal .

Compatible with Linux?

At the moment and in the near future is not planned.

What about replacement Parts and Spares?

DOF Reality systems are designed with almost entirely “commercial off the shelf” (COTS) components, which are provided by large scale multinational manufacturers. This means that sourcing spare parts for our systems long into the future will be trivial, since the use of commercial technology ensures high life times and support for spares.

How much does shipping costs?

Please follow this page to determine shipping costs.

Can you do platform customization?

Yes we always accommodate customer requests. However some platform customization can lead to extra charge.

What max bank angle do I need from motion platform?

Simulators are made to trick our brains in getting some sensations and our brains are very inaccurate as bank angle meter, however good accelerometer . That is why the relaxed body put in high salted water in the dark got completely confused of its orientation and position like weightlessness. So we getting sensations from acceleration, but not absolute position and here pitch/roll/yaw should be done just with enough speed and  where it got stopped 10°, 15° or 20° degree doesn’t really meter for our feelings.

What controllers (wheel, pedals, shifters, joysticks) seats your platform compatible with?

Our platforms are fully compatible with virtually any controllers. Our stand was proven to hold even 19kg direct drive wheels without issues.

Fanatec products are a good balance between cost and performance

How I can get vibration Bass body Shakers Transducers simulation with your platform?

Motors or actuators can’t reproduce rumble frequencies 15-200 Hz just due to the physics. This simulation can add realism in flight simulation and for racing feel the engine RPMs and driving surface. So if you are looking for simulation of it you defensively need Bodyshaker/bass shaker/buttkicker. There is a ton of experience on the subject on the flight/race simulator forums/blogs.
Let me explain the way we see it mostly from racing sim experience. There are few issues you need address. Initially some software will generate this vibrations. It can be :
A) normal sounds coming from game audio that are forked to amp and shakers that can reproduce only low frequencies ignoring the rest.
B) special sounds additionally generated by game or add-on such as SimVibe or SimTools(GameVibe) dedicated for shakers. It can be done based on information game provide to this addons such as RPM, gears shifting and road bumps that car is heating. Based on this input sophisticated software such as SimVibe can generate dedicated audio signals to up to 8(7.1) mono channels to additional dedicated sound card that sends them feather to audio amp and to shakers that are positioned in special spots of simulated cockpit.

As you see option A is easy to introduce, but might not as realistic as wanted. For option B you will need to check what is supported by SimVibe for your game. SimVibe itself costs $89. SimTools 2.0 should have same feature as SimVibe called Game Vibe, but currently it is in development.
As for the amp and shakers sky is the limit in pricing and marketing promises.
I’d suggest to try something simple with option A first such as this forking analog audio output of your sound card to this AMP  (don’t forget 24v power supply for it)  + two basic shakers

Does you platform work with Game Engines and development tools such as Unity3D?

Yes. In Unity3D and others  there is a lib to send data directly to Arduino (that our controller is based on) over serial. Alternately SimTools SDK can be used. There should be no problem of sending your telemetry data from Unity3D to SimTools so it can set the platform position accordingly.

Do I need to purchase something else to be able to use your motion simulation platform?

DOF Reality  is NOT a DIY (Do It yourself) kit where you have to invest a lot of time and money in order to make it at least somehow work. It comes as a ready-to-go, tested and tuned package with only minimal easy assembly required. You will get complete working plug and play platform.
Seat and game controllers are not included.

What seat I should use with your platform?

Almost any bottom mount car or gaming seat can be used. We don’t sell them as you can use seat of your preference and get it cheaper locally. We suggest a bucket (so you don’t fall off during Gs) racing seat. 4-6 point harness is optional. The lighter the weight of seat the better for the platform performance. If your seat is not tight fit (wide) you might be pushed and sway left and right during Gs and harness might be useful with it. You can find seats on eBay, Amazon or JEGS.
Real certified racing seats can be quite expensive, so you can check second hand to save the budget. Ask for seat that is NOT certified for racing. They are way cheaper than certified ones. In local classifieds check for single racing seat. Alternatively in big city nearby to you search for a JDM company that brings used racing parts from Japan, most of them will sell single seats. Mention that you don’t need certified one. Check local racing community, they will be happy to help.

Best will be to use standard bottom mount car seat with sliders/rails (as in real car) . It gives opportunity to have quick adjustments as well.

Our seat mounts are 280мм deep(front to back)
and 345,375 or 405 mm wide (holes center to center)

I’m starting from scratch, is there a wheel and pedal/ shifter that you feel would work the easiest with your setup?

Our platform is proven to support any controllers even heavy direct drive wheels. It all depends on your budget. We’d suggest to start with Logitech DFGT set. IMHO the rest of Logitech (G25-29, 920) have not much improvement compare to DFGT, but priced few times more. And if you will feel that you need more go for Thrustmaster TX/T300 wheel. For pedals again if stock Logitech or Thrustmaster wont be enough check Fanatec CS Elite, ClubSport v1 or v2. CSP v3 have not much improvements compare to v2 and you can get great deals for v1 or v2 on ebay.

Fanatec products are a good balance between cost and performance



Where are your production facilities located?

We build and ship directly from our production in Europe, but not inside EU.

We ship with TNT. Our prices don’t include VAT/customs duty.
Usually it is standard import tax % for your country.
We use HS code 9504 50 00 00 for the declaration. you can check your import taxes based on it.


Will I need any additional Software?

No. We will provide you the SimTools and all needed up to date plugins.

Does your products packages include seat, wheel, pedal, gear shift other game controllers ?

No. We sell only the plug and play motion platform, you need to get your seat, game controllers (wheel, pedal, gear shift etc) locally. It will be more convenient and cheaper for you.

Our platform will work with any game controllers (wheel, pedal, gear shift etc).

Does your platform comes with predrilled holes for mounting wheels and other controllers?

We have pre drilled holes for mounting all Logitech and Thrustmaster wheels, if you have other wheel, just let us know the mounting points and we will be happy to do it for you complementary.

Can I use your platform with VR: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and future products?

Yes, you can use any VR set with or without the external reference tracking camera like (Rift or Vive). It is better not to mount camera(s) on motion platform. We have many users reporting better results when camera(s) mounted in front or the platform making sure it is always visible from any helmet location.
We include mounts for Oculus as Vive is easy to mount on the top of the seat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPmo5kmk5CY.
Some customers prefer it on the platform, some off.

VR Motion Cancellation:

Depending on where your camera is placed (On rig or off rig) you can encounter the picture inside the HMD (Head Mounted Display) “Jumping around”. This is due to the camera and the headset working against each other as the hardware is not designed for use in motion platforms. There is a few ways to resolve the problem, however none is ideal nor official.

Method 1.
Attach the camera on the rig and blinding the camera (cover it with something). This disables the 3D tracking preventing the camera at jumping around in game. This method also disables the rotation tracking meaning, if the simulator turns 90degrees IRL, you will have to turn your head 90degrees to look forward in game. That is why we suggest limit Yaw to 5 – 10% making the rotation just enough for you to feel but you will not notice having to turn your head to look forward in game.

Method 2.
Placing the camera off rig. this will yeld the same results as above, however you are able to get off the rig and move around (also in game). You might move slightly around ingame depending on the settings of the simulator.

Method 3.

Placing the camera on rig. If you wish to place the camera on rig and you do not wish to blind it to get the full experience, you might need to turn down movement on the simulator to a rather low setting. This will minimize the “hopping” and will give you a more smooth experience with the HMD.

Here is a videos of one of our customers using VR.

Will DOF Reality Hx work for me or I need Commercial Px platform?

For the home use you don’t need Commercial platform. Industrial versions P2 and P3  of our  platform are for Commercial use only. It is based on industrial motors that can work hours each day. The only difference is in motors + gear boxes and power supply.

If the pilot weight is close to the platform limit 330 lbs (150 kg) we recommend to get Commercial P2 or P3 platform.

I have a custom built rig which already has wheel/pedals/shifter/ebrake which are attached to it. Is it possible to make a DOF Reality for seat only?

Sure, we can do it as mechanical customization. We have to shift COG. Please contact us for specifics sales@dofreality.com.

How you ship your platform to USA, Europe and other regions?

Due to lightweight design (77 lbs, 35kg), our simulator can be shipped anywhere as two boxes. We suggest to use Air shipping for shorter lead time and better service. Prices does not include import taxes, duties customs and brokerage charges. Please email us when you need to adjust customs declaration form. We can use the courier of your choice if it is available in our area.

How I can get CE and other certificates?











Any Question ?

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our motion platform please contact us.

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