About Us / Our Story

DOF Reality® is a leading manufacturer of motion simulator platforms designed to recreate the experience inside a racing car, a flying aircraft, or simulate any conditions that affect the body in space while seated.

Since 2014, we have successfully combined engineering innovation with affordable prices, making the joy of real sensations accessible to all. Our products are used by racing game fans, real racers, and flight sim enthusiasts, as well as professionals from NASA, the Navy, and the Air Force, including those with 20-30 years of experience as military aircraft pilots.

Europe-based for manufacturing and with a head office in North America, we offer a few product lineups:

  • HERO (H2, H3, H6): Designed for home use.
  • PRO (P2, P3, P6): Features robust motors for extended, consecutive usage.
  • MOVER (M2 and MP2): Seat mover, an accessory that integrates with a stationary simulation rig to provide movement.

Each product line includes models with varying degrees of freedom (DOF):

  • 2DOF: Pitch and roll
  • 3DOF: Pitch, roll, and yaw
  • 6DOF: Pitch, roll, yaw, heave, sway, and surge

In addition to motion platforms, we provide software that connects your preferred game or simulation to the real world, transmitting telemetry from the game or simulation to the platform. Our platforms are compatible with over 140 games and simulations that provide native motion telemetry, including popular racing titles like iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo, and DiRT Rally, as well as flight simulators such as MFS, DCS, X-Plane, IL-2, and many more.

Our mission is to elevate your experience and sensations from your favorite games, offering new ways to perceive the game world and seamlessly combine it with the real one. Whether you use monitors or VR with our platform, Xbox, PS, or PC, you will enjoy the motions as if you were in a real car or aircraft, right at home.

Experience all the thrills without any safety concerns, fully immersing yourself in the excitement and realism that DOF Reality® provides.