Fly Back in Time – Celebrate Aviation History

Hello Aviators,

Get ready to step back in time and celebrate an exciting piece of aviation history with the upcoming Community Fly-In event. This year, the Microsoft Flight Simulator community marks the anniversary of the first air mail flights in the United States by taking a pause in the regular Community Fly-In Friday World Tour. The event will re-create the original air mail routes flown on May 15, 1918, offering a unique opportunity for participants to engage with an important historical milestone.

Pilots can choose to depart from New York (KFRG) or Washington (KDCA), with both routes converging in Philadelphia. This special event is open to pilots of all skill levels on both PC and Xbox platforms, inviting a broad community of flight enthusiasts to experience the thrill of retracing these pioneering flights.

When: Friday, May 17, from 1800Z for two hours

Where: Official Twitch Channel of MSFS

Recommended Aircraft: Fly a Curtiss JN-4 Jenny or any aircraft that maintains a cruise speed of around 60 knots. Remember to download the .pln file for your chosen route and prepare for a communal departure.

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