Which simulators are best for racing, and which for flying?

Which simulators are best for racing, and which for flying?

It is not easy to choose the right simulator when there are so many.

What is most important?

First of all, it is key to choose reliable high-quality platforms with warranty. It undoubtedly is a purchase for years.

For racing games, it is good to have high speed and accuracy of reaction, minimal inertia, and fair traction loss (you feel the wear relative to the front wheels, not the center of the car). Racers also need a stable mount for handlebars and pedals.

Our frame is specially designed to handle these loads and has been proven to hold even 19 kg direct drive wheels without any problems.

Even more, for pilots, the ability to mount panels and screens while having very fine and smooth motion is essential. And for our simulators, you can mount all the equipment you need in both cases.

DOF Reality combines everything you need for both flight and racing simulators, allowing you to mount controls for both driving and flying simulators on one platform (what most buyers use).

Obviously, the more degrees of freedom you have, the better and more realistic the experience. Yeah, more is better, they’ll always say, but where to stop? Well, some hints can help make your choice easier.

Which platform is best for racing? Which platform is best for flying?

If you like racing games, 3 degrees of freedom (3 DOF) is enough to feel like you are in real life. You’ll get fair enough Pitch + Roll + Yaw / Traction. With a speed of 50 cm/s (86 °/s), torque – 25 N*m, and acceleration as much as 0.7G T / 0.5G L brain almost certainly shall not distinguish the movement in the game from real racing experience. 

These ranges create a really cool illusion of being right there, right on the track. And our simulators do fit in those specs. That is why our H3 model is the most popular in the racing community. Basically, that’s all you need to feel a deep immersion into racing without leaving your place.

For the most realistic experience, it is perfect if not only the seat but all the simulator controls (steering wheel, pedals, throttle, etc.) are mounted on the motion platform.

However, if you’re deep into racing games, are preparing for real racing almost every day, or want to buy a simulator for commercial use, the P3 model will be a better choice for those needs. Our commercial or professional P-series platforms (P2/P3/P6/MP2) have different industrial engines that can work non-stop for 10-12 hours a day. Every day.

Due to tricky synergic wiring of sensory systems in our brains, some pro’s in racing simulation like it even more physically accurate, thus using more DOF’s while racing.

As complexity and realism go higher, we are entering the “here be dragons” area… 

The flight.

Except for the requirements of smoothness, low inertia, accurate and precise positioning and movements, and responsiveness, flight aficionados know well how weighty and complex their gear is – sophisticated control panels, throttles, joysticks, screens… That’s another point that made us dive deep into the intricate depths of the engineering of our sims. 

Our H6 and P6 models are designed for flying from the very bits & ideas. For sure, H3/P3 can add up to everyday gaming experience. But not in the air, where H6/P6 excel. They allow you to feel all that there is of importance in flying – coolest Roll, Pitch, fair Yaw, Heave, Surge, and Sway. 

Thus, it all comes up to the point about “don’t forget that there is some life outside your flight, coz then you’ll better prepare for the P6” 🙂

Your experience will be near perfect with the SFU Gearbox Upgrade as it reduces the load on the drives and eliminates the play in the gearbox, resulting in extremely smooth movements. Not to mention the main point of increasing the range of motion by 25-50%. 

 If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll be happy to help you.


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