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Famous Flyer 7: MU-2 Released

For all you flying enthusiasts out there, legendary aircraft, the MU-2 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator pilots.

7 key Features of the aircraft:

  • Was designed to optimize the advantages of the turboprop form of the turbine engine: high speed, high endurance, available power, excellent short-field performance.
  • 704 airframes were produced from 1963 to 1986.
  • Known and loved by real pilots as the most durable airplane.
  • Powered by two wing-mounted TPE331-6-251 turboprop engines producing up to 776 shp each.
  • Impressive range – 1,450 miles, service ceiling – 29,590 feet above sea level, climb rate – 2,360 feet per minute.
  • Unique wing design allows for slow take-off and landing speeds as well as high cruise speeds 300 miles per hour and 340 MPH tops.
  • MU-2 can fly to a wide range of locations because it can take off from a wide range of landing sites, including unpaved strips.

It is well known that the MFS team does a lot to improve the physical realism in flight, as do we.

So check it out with our motion simulators!


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