Virtual Reality with DOF Reality Motion Simulator = Total Immersion.

Our platform is VR compatible with Oculus Rift/Gear, VR HTC Vive and future products.

Main advantages of motion simulator:

    • We have 2 Degree of Freedom (Pitch + Roll) and 3 Degree of Freedom (Pitch + Roll + Yaw/Rear Traction loss)  versions of the motion simulator to reproduce the feedback of being in real car, plane, or any other vehicle.
    • It is based on rigid metal profile frame and can handle not only any heavy Direct Drive wheel, plus pilot of up to 330 lbs  (150 kg);
    • Our reliable motion simulator used for entertainment and for professional training;
    • It has been engineered to be incredibly realistic and add enjoyment to your pilot/driver experience, delivering fast and accurate, yet smooth movements.
    • Flying and Racing DOF Reality Motion Simulator – is a groundbreaking product taking racing and flight simulation to a complete new level. It gives enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy a multi-sensory experience that is truly unique. Feel your cockpit (not just the seat) like it’s alive.
    • It is NOT a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit where you have to invest a lot of time and money in order to make it at least somehow work. It comes ready to assemble, tested and tuned package with minimal assembly required. USB plug-and-play straight out of the boxes.
    • Various controllable profiles settings presets for different pilots/racers and preferences;

We have incorporated industry leading electronics, encoders and motors within our products. The durability of the DOF Reality is extremely high for its price point, and the maintenance requirements are minimal.

Feel every bump, rumble strip, gear shift, g-force, acceleration, braking and impact to add incredible immersion to your racing and flight experience. All completely adjustable to your taste. We provide the most advanced and best value consumer platform in the world.

DOF Reality delivers incredibly Fast, accurate and realistic movements. Customizable profile settings will accommodate every personal preference.

The Platform can also deliver vibrating feedback to simulate road texture, gear changes, collisions and contact via Butt kicker Bass shaker(s) and SimVibe or other add-ons.

DOF Reality is made from steel profiles to provide maximum rigidity and weighs a mere 77 lbs. (35kg) total weight (shipped in two boxes). It’s compact, yet powerful.

The motion created is smooth and not jerky ensuring it’s quiet enough for home use, with no need for a dedicate a room or garage. It is designed for a minimum and efficient space requirement, ease of assembly and allowing you to feed through most door passage.

Each unit we ship is built to our high standards, and goes through extensive Quality Assurance testing and tuning before been disassembled and packed for shipping. The assembly required is as easy as IKEA furniture and takes 30 min to 2h with all hardware and tools provided by us.

We are ready to customize the platform according to your needs, for example – with mounting for your set of controllers and seat.

We sell only the platform, you need to purchase seat, wheel,pedal,gear shift etc separately.

All our units comes with a 1 year faulty part return to base warranty (does not cover wear and tear).

We are not afraid of competition. We simply don’t have any!

DOF Reality H2

$ 1199

  •  2 Degree of Freedom (2DOF)
  • For individual use

DOF Reality P2

$ 1799

  •  2 Degree of Freedom (2DOF)
  • For commercial operation

DOF Reality P3

$ 2499

  • 3 Degree of Freedom (3DOF)
  • For commercial operation

All prices are in USD. Customers are responsible for local import taxes.


I liked your customer service. The product of good quality. I have done some alternations to it so i Can accommodate both sport car seating position and F1 position….
Wish tou good luck

Jakub, Ireland


I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thank you


I’m a fan of your platform. It’s great value and well built. Shipping leaves a little to be desired.

Phil, UK


I received my DOF Reality Motion simulator M2P – PlaySeat seat mover a few weeks weeks back and I must say it works brilliantly and your setup details in your email are excellent, it really improves my experience in Project cars VR.

Dan, Ireland


Thank you DOF Reality for making an amazing simulator!


First I want to say thank you for an amazing product! I just finished assembling it and tried it out today! You guys do an amazing job packing all of the parts! I’ve never seen so much tape styrofoam and bubble wrap, but it was well worth it as every part was received as if new!

I assembled it and the finished product! Enjoy! I did a few laps at Mugello with Assetto Corsa in a McLaren 570s and had a blast! Gotta try the Nurburgring in a Ferrari S70H next!!


The H3 sure is fun. We have been using it for driving and racing for now, but we have experimented with flight and it is great for flight too.

Gonff, USA


I bought a 3DOF 2 month ago. Buying, money transfer and delivery went well. Took about a month overall with building, delivery and picking up with customs (they haven’t found the provided clearance papers…, but totally customs fault.
Two packages, about 30 and 18 kilo respectively. Quality is good, looks (and feels)  sturdy enough. bolts and screws are provided in labeled packages. I had some small parts were paint coating was breaking off, but those are in (later) min visible parts.
Buildup was done in about 3 hours. All tools were provided (in better quality than Ikea, thumbs up), keeping another wrench nearby is recommended though. Looking at photos on the page and videos helped a lot though. You shouldn’t expect Lego level instructions.
Software installation was a pretty ok. install some three programms, although some steps were unclear in the software. Solved them after emailing about clarifying some instructions. Skimming the forums helped as well. I am using it (solely atm) with PCars2. Fine tuning took a long time though and is an ongoing process.
Using the thing is awesome. In connection with VR its the closest I came to regulary drive a 911 GT3 RS on a track. Sensation for breaking/accelerating are really good and differ a lot for different cars. Flooring the paddle in a GT86 is ok, in aformentioned 911 stunning and outright frightening in an F1 car. I dont feel any lag between driving and seat reaction.
Same goes for sideway movement, could use some more “power” there, but I guess nothing will simulate 4g in an F1 high speed corner… Feeling is good nevertheless.
Yaw movement is brilliant, both in controlled (drift) and uncontrolled (spin) conditions.
“Downsides” are: I don’t go as reckless or as far over to the limit  as without the seat. Impacting a wall does not feel good. And now I know, why Nordschleifes Compression is called exactly that.
After all: would buy again and thanks to the guys of dofreality.
Hannes, Germany


Your chair is amazing !

A few other fellow DCS members are going to purchase your 2DOF, also i have a demo arranged with a local Air museum. who are interested on purchasing a few as well.

James, UK


I’ve been so captivated flying FS2 with Oculus Rift that 2 months ago, in pursuit of even more of a sense of realism, I purchased a motion platform. In fact FS2 has prompted so much interest in motion platforms on this and the IPACS forum that other simmers with many more flying hours than me have commented that they’ve never seen so much discussion on the subject. I think this reflects the addictive immersive quality of VR flight sim when powered by such convincing software.
Having fun now!
I have over the last two days had some very enjoyable flights which have given me a convincing sensation of being in an airborne object. Cranking up the side wind is much more fun now and after pulling off a short field landing yesterday with a strong cross-wind I was just buzzing. There was a strong sense of wrestling with the wind and the combination of feeling the roll and yaw as I made corrections to line up with the airfield gave a convincing feeling of the lightness and physicality of the aircraft (C172).
One of my favourite parts of a flight now is touchdown. There really should be a penalty for a clumsy heavy landing and by tuning the platform right you can get that physical feedback. The trick is to carefully map the heave DOF to pitch movement on the platform so that as you touch down you get a sudden short movement of the seat pitching back which lifts the seat and so feels like a thump in the back side – in proportion to how heavily you land.
Personally I’m very glad I went for the 3DOF platform with yaw as opposed to 2DOF. Incidentally do sell the yaw as an add-on to the basic 2DOF platform.
So where does this leave me now? Having a lot of fun and very happy with my purchase decision, but I must confess to being hooked and wanting more.


Since receiving the simulator, putting it all together and loading up the software everything is working as expected.

Thanks again for a solid rig!!!!

Steve, USA


The machine is amazing … It’s a great Experience with Oculus!

Felipe, Chile


Voila, en 45 secondes j’ai eu la meilleure experience de simulation de conduite, chez moi. Apres avoir teste l’Oculus Rift, je me suis dit qu’il serait tres dur pour moi de rejouer a un jeu de course sans la VR. Apres avoir teste le simulateur, plus jamais je ne jouerai a un jeu de course de type simulation sans.

So in 45 seconds I had the best driving simulation experience at home. After testing the Oculus Rift, I thought it would be very hard for me to replay a racing game without the RV. After testing the simulator, I will never play a racing simulation game without.


I would like to compliment you on what an amazing product this is.  You exceeded my expectations from when I placed my order, till it arrived at my front door.  This is an extremely well built quality piece of equipment that I am proud to own. Thank you for your support and a great product!

Robert, USA


Mounting solution for flight sims close to being finished but even in it’s current state, an absolute blast!


The rig has been working great, it’s an absolute blast driving in it.
Mattias, Sweden


Got the sim up and running and loving it.

Juho, Finland


My H2 arrived yesterday  at noon local time and looked in good shape..
WOW, six days from the Ukraine to my house in the GA USA area.
James, USA


Let me give you my take on the DofReality P3 rig I purchased.
Iv’e been sim racing for a couple of years now and running a mixture of equipment, ECCI 7000 FFB, SimFai Solutions custom wheel, HPP PRX-SE pedals and a couple of Thrustmaster TH8A shifters, all mounted onto a Obutto R3volution rig and projecting onto a screen.
All was well in my sim racing universe until one afternoon when a friend and I was searching the net for ways to make our sim racing experience a little more immersive. We hit on the idea of having traction loss which would give us a little more feedback and improve our experience, and was initially looking at buying the SimXperience traction loss frame and mounting the Obutto onto that frame somehow. That’s when we came across the DofReality website. For a similar price for the SimXperience traction loss frame we could have a 3 DOF rig giving pitch & roll and the traction loss we were looking for.
After getting the green light from she who must be obeyed, and a number of questions to DofReality who responded to our questions very quickly, my friend and I ordered 2 of the DofReality P3 rigs. The P3 rig has more powerful motors with integrated step down gearboxes
Installing software provided by DofReality went without a hitch and actually getting the rig to move was really straightforward. The SimTools, were simple and easy to understand once you actually got your head round what was happening. DofReality provided links to all the software needed including all the plugins for chosen sims.
So, I’ve been using the rig for about two weeks now. I’ve got the rig to work with Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, iRacing, Dirt Rally and RFactor 2. I’ve yet to try Project Cars and R3E.
Now I’m dialing the motion in, I’m really happy with the rig. At first, I thought the DofReality Rig was just wrong and I had wasted my money, but now, yeah I’m glad I spent the cash. It really adds to the immersion. Purchase a DofReality rig and you are paying a lot less than the competition, and it’s not just a seat mover. Obviously the software used is known and understood however if you are new to motion simulators there is a fairly high level of education.
Sorry, it’s been a long-winded report but hopefully it will give the next person some insight into what to expect if they were to go down this route. The DofReality P3 rig is great value for money .

Andy, Malaysia


Thank you for your excellent service and communication throughout the purchase of the P3 rig.
I have it assembled and it only took a couple of hours.
I am in the process of designing a new top section to the rig and i have no issue doing this as the base of this system is great and i do not have to do anything with this.

Gary, UK


I’m feeling a lot happier now. I’m using it for flightsim so can’t comment on how well it copes for driving.

On the plus side I was lucky and had no import duty to pay.

Anyway I’m happier now as the DOF Reality guys paid for me to return my motors and they came back working much more smoothly. No charge all round and fortunately no import duty again.

What I still really like is the compact and sturdy design. Mine arrived well finished with just the odd scuff mark, probably due to heavy metal parts rubbing together during shipping. I appreciate good engineering and I like this platform.


This product is a nice opportunity to try pre-built motion, and stay with it in case you love it (like me). Besides, there are not so many commercial full-frame movers (in fact I can’t recall any) with such compact design (I don’t have a free space for such monsters like simxperience setup). The various options give plenty of room for truly custom built rig, in my case I was also amazed by its adjustability (had to replace wide seat with narrow sparco rev). Anyway, I was totally sold, now I have motions look alike I was experiencing


I have been interested for a long time in such a system, but
a DIY build was due to lack of time, tools and knowledge not an option for me.

After some days of intensive researches, I came across this product and got interested.

It is affordable and after reading further, it sounded good to me and I contacted DOF Reality.

The whole process took only four weeks from building to the delivery to me in Germany.
One week for the delivery itself, pretty fast.

## building process
steel frame together is very solid.

I have it attached with HE SimPedals.
The wheel is an OSW with small Mige, which is installed on a seperate frame.
I think, it is more like in real car, where you are forced to/from the wheel, too.

The motors have some space, of course.

The software setup with the provided presets is just easy.

Most interesting thing after all, when I have DOF turned off,
even with the FFB wheel, it feels like dead -)

With the great support (Igor to name him),
I would buy it again, no doubt.


I purchased the DOF Reality H3 Motion platform because I was looking for a motion simulator that I could use for flight simulation and car racing simulation. I didn’t have the DIY skills to build my own, and a lot of the commercial products were way too expensive for my budget. When I came across DOF Reality I dropped them an email and from the very start they were incredibly responsive and helpful. I purchased one right away and awaited delivery. Delivery was fast, the motion platform functions perfectly and the included sim tools software was easy to setup. In addition to this DOF Realitys on going customer support after purchasing was brilliant and they always kept me up to date with the process and answered all my questions.

I highly reccomend DOF Reality products.

Thomas, UK


I received mine today in 2 packages. Allot of attention was given to wrapping all the parts to minimise damage. All the parts were individually wrapped in bubble wrap and all were in perfect condition.

The fixings are all in individual packets, labelled for each section of the build. A full set of allen keys and spanners are also provided, which is very helpful. I followed the instructions provided by DOFReality via an emailed link. They were fairly easy to follow.

All the metal frame parts are well made and substantial.

Neal, UK


DiRT Rally with the dof reality v3 motion platform and oculus vr. WOW! This is great!


Just want to let you know. Your product works wonderfully. It’s amazing product.
I’m a happy customer.

John, USA


For anyone considering this, buy it!! I built my own motion simulator 2 years ago with a ton of help from the awesome users . I still made some mistakes and ended up with a heavy but under-powered rig with a little too much play in the levers. I was preparing to build version 2 when I came across DOF Reality’s very economical kit. I bought the Pro kit  shipped to US.

I sent payment and had 2 large boxes arrive less than 10 days later. I’ve built a lot of DIY and scratch built items but wow – this kit exceeded my expectations in terms of ease! If you can assemble IKEA furniture, you can assemble this kit. I had the complete kit built in less than 2 hours (minus controller, seat, and bass shaker mounting). DOF Reality includes the only tools you need – 1 crescent wrench and 3 hex wrenches. All of the bolts and nuts are in labeled packages. For what it’s worth, I could tell DOF Reality had fully assembled the rig before tearing down and shipping out. This meant everything actually fit 😉

The kit came pre-drilled with plenty of mounting points but still needed to drill new holes to accommodate every thing specific to my needs. Additionally.

Judging by the various pics above and on the web, it appears DOF Reality is refining the build so your version may be slightly different.

Keep in mind, you’re getting a rig for about half the price of its nearest competitor (in the US anyway) and it works with Simtools out of the box.

But does it work? I’m happy to say YES – it works very well even with my 195lbs/88kg and 80lbs/36kg of gear.


We have DOF Reality P3 motion simulators in our arcade / VR game center and we are pretty happy with them. Once assembled and set up they are reliable and deliver a good experience.
We have had no issues so far regarding the durability and performance.
I have to add that a lot of the experience is the game itself – and there are only very few with commercial licenses.
We found Dirt Rally to be a really good game.

Still there are other games and we use a few that work pretty well.

As i personally suffer from motion sickness a LOT – I can tell that it is reduced by the chair – still I do get dizzy after a while – but it is a lot better than without the chair. In this case I cannot stand the games longer than 2-3 minutes. While with the DOF Reality P3 motion simulator I feel well after 15 Minutes. Maybe other people will experience it differently – but that is my personal feeling about it.

I would recommend to somehow mount the chair to the floor – otherwise it will start moving a bit on heavy movement. The noise produced by the fans and moving parts is acceptable and will normally not be heard by the player. If you mirror the sound of the game to speakers for the spectators – they will normally also not hear the seat moving or the fans.

Greetings from Berlin

Fabian, Germany


Got mine in under a week. Just got everything assembled. I purchased the P3 with traction loss. The support and communication from them as been awesome. Highly recommend!! The time it would take to fab your own is not worth it.. The product is high quality and hand built.


This chair assembly is pretty remarkable. I use it primarily for flight simulators and for Elite Dangerous with the Oculus Rift. It adds enough to the realism that I’ve caught myself blowing through most of a Saturday just flying around. I did have one hardware issue early on, but your team was very helpful and responsive with the debug effort and sending the replacement part. I’ve been thoroughly delighted and satisfied.


Scott, USA


I would also like to Thank you  and your team for your full support. I am impressed with your help , service and quick responses to the damaged items being replaced and answering my questions. I will do a review on the facebook sim pages and it will be a good one.
Much appreciated for your efforts.
Best Regards
Chris, UK


I have had this chair for a month and so far I LOVE IT, it’s a solid well-built platform which can withstand my 17 stone weight with ease!!!! It can handle upto 150kg

Well its a metal frame platform frame with decent stability, the design has been thought out and upgraded to give the best balance and stability.

A solid pair of of motion platform motors and decent Potentiometers that seem really solid.

So this seems to use a couple of Monster boards and an andrino for the control of the platform, the power comes from two linked power units.

The box has good ventilation at the top with two grills and the rear of the box has two fans.
As a note, the packaging was exceptional.

The connectors – There are 4, 2 per motor and you can’t get this wrong as they are colour coded, the connectors are strong and I cannot see these getting broken anytime soon. So, kudos for these.

Well I’m not a fan of flat pack furniture but like most I always manage to get the job done, This build took me about 3 hours.

The bolts provided are quality and 3 weeks after the build, they haven’t budged, so a thumbs up from me ??


After placing my order the platform was built and shipped within 2 weeks, I believe they build to order rather than carry stock, and this makes sense.

being as this is the only platform I have ever used, for me it is truly amazing, even tho the platform moves 20-30 degrees. Trust me its more than enough. The emersion is amazing…

I have my sensors mounted in the corner of the room, not on the platform itself, some have argued this could affect the vr motion. In response, you may be right but I always tilt my head with the horizon and as such I haven’t noticed the sensor motion.

I’m sure some will prefer to mount the sensor on the chair, and you can but I use the rift for other games so that really isn’t an option for me.

Slow movements are always in line with the motion and the high turns left then right again.

Its cheap compared to other platforms
It well built
Its flexible (fight or racing games)
Its compact
the motors and running is quiet.

So would I recommend this ??
HELL YES in VR it gives a level of emersion which is a must have. Even tho the movement is slight, its still enough to trick the brain and bring back motion sickness all over again – that’s right- its like staring in VR for the first time, all over again ??.

I can’t recommend this highly enough. For the price, this is by far the BEST there is.


I’m practicing Calabogie Motorsports Park for an upcoming race there as I’ve never been there.  Really loving having the full motion sim for that!  Many of the participants for this race will also have never have been there, so practicing on the sim will really give me a leg up on my competitors.


Scott, USA


I have recently bought one of these kits and have had the chance to try it with a number of different games.

Assembly went well and only took a few hours. I found the included instructions to be very simple and straightforward, this made the assembly process very simple and easy.

I had the chance to test out the kit with Dirt 3, Dirt rally, iRacing, some of the Need For Speed games, and a few different flight Sims. I was actually very impressed with how strong the platform is and the strenght of the two motors it uses. I weigh about 230lbs and the sim had no problem throwing me around as I drove around within the various games. I’m currently using a Logitech G27 as my steering wheel, and the included wheel stand is very sturdy and has very little flex, even with a monitor attached to it.

Overall I was impressed with the kit, and would recommend it for anyone thinking of buying it.

Testimonial Review

I just built a DOFReality H3 yesterday and having never built anything more than pieces of gym equipment, it was still surprisingly easy to put together. The build is actually quite solid and possibly one of the best things about it is that it only has a 2’x3’ footprint!! The simtools presets need a little tweaking but not much. The ‘yaw’ or traction loss mechanism is absolutely outstanding! I drifted a P1 GTR in Assetto Cross around the last few turns at Spa Francorchamps and the slide was epic!! DOF Reality Customer Support is very responsive to any of questions you ask of him and though it does take awhile to ship , it was totally worth it. I posted pictures of building the rig here:


Very happy with the packaging, excellent build quality and engineering and very good product at a good price. Keep up the great work guys!

Javed, Australia


Hi everybody,

I’m happy to join this great community with all your experience around motion sim. I had my HTC Vive for some time till I realized how much more fun it makes to do racing sims in VR. Then I read about the possibilty to use motion rig systems to increase the immersion and reduce motions sickness (it really helped in my case). So I spent some nights reading through this forum and all the different topics that can and need to be considered. I studied systems engineering some years ago so I have some background for electronics, mechanics and software.

Finally due to time and space limitations I decided to get a DOF Reality as it was easier than to gather all the parts and I really love it. As expected you can spend hours in optimizing and tweaking but man what have I missed back in the times where there was no VR or motion in racing sims…. I plan to add vibe functionality later on and we will see what the future brings. Those builds you have there are just unbelievable.

Jens, Switzerland



So I’ve been playing with my H2 for a week or so now and love it!

Eli, Alaska, USA


Thanks for the best customer service I’ve ever experienced…

William, USA


I have the 3dof version and the htc vive, and the experience is great.
IMHO the acceleration and braking depends on several factors, the total weight you put to the rig (ie wheel base, gear box, your weight, extra accesories), game feedback, the car you are driving, simtools setup, etc. When everything its setup correctly, it will not push you with enough force to put your face into the steering wheel, but you will feel that you are braking. I saw some pics from other guys that use safety belts with this rig but I think it is totally unnecesary.
For me VR is a must have with this rig.
I hope this helps you to decide.

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