Virtual Reality with DOF Reality Motion Simulator = Total Immersion.

Our platform is VR compatible with Oculus Rift/Gear, VR HTC Vive and future products.

Main advantages of motion simulator:

    • We have 2 Degree of Freedom (Pitch + Roll) and 3 Degree of Freedom (Pitch + Roll + Yaw/Rear Traction loss)  versions of the motion simulator to reproduce the feedback of being in real car, plane, or any other vehicle.
    • It is based on rigid metal profile frame and can handle not only any heavy Direct Drive wheel, but pilot of up to 330 lbs  (150 kg);
    • Our reliable motion simulator can be use either for entertainment or for professional training;
    • It has been engineered to be incredibly realistic and add enjoyment to your pilot/driver experience, delivering fast and accurate, yet smooth movements.
    • Flying and Racing DOF Reality Motion Simulator – is a groundbreaking product taking racing and flight simulation to a complete new level. It gives enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy a multi-sensory experience that is truly unique. Feel your cockpit (not just the seat) like it’s alive.
    • It is NOT a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit where you have to invest a lot of time and money in order to make it at least somehow work. It comes as a ready-to-go, tested and tuned package with only minimal easy assembly required. USB plug-and-play straight out of the boxes.
    • Various controllable profiles settings presets for different pilots/racers and preferences;

We have incorporated industry leading electronics, encoders and motors within our products. The durability of the DOF Reality is extremely high for its price point, and the maintenance requirements are minimal.

Feel every bump, rumble strip, gear shift, g-force, acceleration, braking and impact to add incredible immersion to your racing and flight experience. All completely adjustable to your taste. We provide the most advanced and best value consumer platform in the world.

DOF Reality delivers incredibly Fast, accurate and realistic movements using motion cueing. Customizable profile settings will accommodate every personal preference.

The Platform can also deliver vibrating feedback to simulate road texture, gear changes, collisions and contact via Butt kicker Bass shaker(s) and SimVibe or other add-ons.

DOF Reality is made from steel profiles to provide maximum rigidity and weighs a mere 77 lbs. (35kg) total weight (shipped in two boxes). It’s compact, yet powerful.

The motion created is smooth and not jerky ensuring it’s quiet enough for home use, with no need for a dedicate a room or garage. It is designed for efficient scale and even assembled it easily passes through any doorways.

Each unit we ship is built to our high standards, and goes through extensive Quality Assurance testing and tuning before been disassembled and packed for shipping. The assembly required is as easy as IKEA furniture and takes 30 min to 2h with all hardware and tools provided by us.

We are ready to customize the platform according to your needs, for example – with mounting for your set of controllers and seat.

We sell only the platform, you need to purchase seat, wheel,pedal,gear shift etc separately.

All our units comes with a 1 year faulty part return to base warranty (does not cover wear and tear).

We are not afraid of competition. We simply don’t have any!

DOF Reality v2

$ 1199

  •  2 Degree of Freedom (2DOF)
  • For individual use

DOF Reality P2

$ 1799

  •  2 Degree of Freedom (2DOF)
  • For commercial operation

DOF Reality P3

$ 2499

  • 3 Degree of Freedom (3DOF)
  • For commercial operation

All prices are in USD. Costumers are responsible of local import taxes and VAT.

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